NFL  Challenge  2016-17

The 9th Edition of the NFL Challenge in now concluded.
Congratulations to all winners.

Super Bowl Winners
Baasil Malik
Avery Ahlquist
Omar Hassanein

Division Championship Winners
DJ Stolba

Division Round Winners
Avni Kaushik
Adam Stewart
Allie Kang
Connor O'Neill

There were NO Week 15 Winners

There were NO Week 14 Winners

Week 13 Winners
Aiden Vogts
Alex Pratilas
Alivia Peterson

Week 11 Winners
Rebecca Kazanov
Adam Stewart

There were NO Week 10 Winners

Week 9 Winner
Alivia Peterson
Week 8 Winners
Mack Boswell
Kristen Ruehl (2nd win)

There were NO Week 7 Winners

There were NO Week 6 Winners

There were NO Week 5 Winners

There were NO Week 4 Winners

Week 3 Winner

Trevor Melhuish

Week 2 Winner

Kristin Ruehl

Week 1
Josiah DeRosa
Claire Stern
Albert Yin
Evan Vilar
Owen Williams
Karlee Aitken-Cade
Allie Kang
Connor O'Neil
Omar Hassanein
Nick Dalton
Susie Park
Conner Gleaves
Baasil Malik